Happy Friday Girls...guys too!

And you know what? I'll say "women" because that's how Im feeling on this lovely evening.

As you may or may not know I turned twenty four this past Sunday and let me just I brought it in the right way! There was food, cake, family, gifts, and most importantly I felt so loved! I really should've closed the night with "Isn't she lovely" by Stevie Wonder because that's how I felt, but after I ate that food and cracked a few bones singing karaoke, trying to hard to play the lead singer I was pretending to be, I was tired! I did not get any photos with my mom, sisters and grandmother that came so shout out to them for making my day as well!

I had thought about traveling longer distance but just to be on the safe side I decided to travel to Cincinnati, OH. instead and Im happy I did. Me and my family traveled there to try this nice restaurant, "Pappadeaux", right in the heart of Ohio and the vibe there kind've felt like we were in Italy to me for some reason but I would give the dish that I tried a 5/10. I have the restaurant linked because I think it still deserves a chance. It could've been the stuffed crab cakes that didn't fulfill my liking's or maybe I just like crab in the actual shell raw with butter.

Once I got back home I looked over my gifts and the one that kept finding its way in my presence was the budget planner. I didn't really think I would open and use it so soon, but I believe God just knew, lol. For the past six months I have talked about saving money, whether it was used for a trip with my husband or a down payment for something and now a tool was in my hand. Unlike the budget apps on my phone, I had to get a pen and write down the 27 mistakes I had made this month. But seeing them on paper makes me realize how much of a impulse shopper I am and that me and Target have a bittersweet relationship that I have to let go. So that's why on this blog post I chose to put the budget planner in the middle because I am choosing to focus this year on becoming more financial stable, while being surrounded by the people and things I love!

Im not sure where my friend got this planner for me but I will link budget planners below.

Petite Planner by Erin Conner

Go Girl Budget Planner

Thank you for reading!

Keeping Up With Kelia

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