Here are some journal prompts to have that conversation!

  1. Writing down a testimony you've recently had and would love to remember or share with others. For example: It could be financially, mentally, or as small as just passing a exam you were so anxious about but you passed! This reminds you that if God did it once he'll do it again!

  2. Writing down what has been making you sad or depressed, if you're like me you may not physically speak out to him but writing to him instead. It's better sometimes to see what you're feeling on paper.

  3. There's always a scripture to help you with your situation or to help you start your day. My favorite two scripture's recently. "Financial problems can also put undue stress on a relationship, especially if the couple bickers over who is going to make what sacrifices. If a couple will seek God's direction in financial matters, He will be faithful to meet their needs." (Matt. 6:33, Phil. 4:19.)

  4. Some people say it is bad to question where God is, we are human and if that's what you're mind is asking, its okay because he will show up. We may not understand him, but he knows. So just a simple question written down to ask him is okay.

  5. Last but now least, confessing a sin or multiple sins you want to get rid of is good as well. I believe that this lets him know that you are aware of your flaws and that you don't want to disappoint him.

Thank you for reading today!

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