How important is your love language?

Happy Monday, it is Monday right? With everything going on with the pandemic and quarantine Im sure a lot of us are losing track of the days because our lifestyles a little different. This time closer to my family has held me hostage but in a good way, I've had more time to think in depth about my future and my gratitude within my relationships.

Lately, I've been having self doubt about my relationships with other people. I must admit this comes and goes in waves and I want to be able to get it together because it can may fracture some of the ones that mean most to me. Which also goes into my mental health(we'll get to that another time), but its important to know your love languages and others and how you guys are going to connect.

If you didn't know the five languages are Physical touch, Giving gifts, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation and Quality time.

My favorite ones to show are physical touch and quality time so If i feel like Im not getting that I start to feel distance or jump to conclusion and think the relationship is going to fail.

I want to change that about myself, I want to be better at understanding and being okay with receiving those other languages.

My partner is not so much of a physical touch person but these past few weeks he has been more affectionate than normal, it was weird at first but it's making me fall more in love with him and now that I see that he wants to learn the language I love (physical touch) , I am now wanting to be more willing to understand that my version of love is not the only kind. He likes giving gifts more and he doesn't say much, but when he does its words of encouragement and jokes to make me laugh.

I would like to hear more about how you receive a love

language that's a little foreign to you.

Thanks for reading!

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